Cala di Sole - Hotel à Porto en Corse et résidence de vacances en Corse du Sud

Porto and surroundings

Discover Porto, Girolata, Scandola, Piana and Evisa .... the wealth of the region.


Tourist mecca of the island for decades, Porto is now the lifeblood of this region once more turned towards the mountain. 
Symbol of the village, the famous Tower of Porto throne facing the gigantic gulf and still seems to protect the village today. 
At the foot of it, the beautiful pebble beach in the Gulf is still a very pleasant place to relaxing family holiday in Porto. 
The village has also developed around the marine and shops present.

A small lively village

Modern Porto has developed around the Navy. 
This will allow you to find all the necessary shops in a seaside resort. 
Thus, the village will offer you a wide choice of restaurants, bars, souvenir trade, press, excursions to sea ...

Piana and the "Calanches"

Piana village has been rated as one of the finest and most ornate of France. 
This distinction applies to the many charms of this red granite plunging into the deep blue of the Gulf of Porto. 
And of course the fantastic Calanques de Piana, mineral marvel sculpted by nature over time to give these majestic rock forms. 
To make absolutely walk, taking his time, at sunset.

Ota, Evisa and mountains

Porto is not officially a town. 
It is in fact the coastline of the town of Ota, 5 km entering the land. 
Located on the hillside, this charming village offers a superb view over the valley. 
A great idea for a lunch or dinner with the hotel. 
A nearly 25 km from Porto, the Evisa village is located in the middle of chestnut trees. 
This large Alpine village is the gateway to the deep heart of Corsica door. 
Take the time to walk there, to taste the local delicatessen and specialties based Castagna there.

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Golfe de Porto
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